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PPTP is a VPN protocol used on Windows workstations. For more information see Wikipedia page Wikipedia: PPTP

This tutorial describe howto connect your WebOS device to private network... For example, it can be use for access to internal tracking systems from your phone.

Tip: If you want simple graphic interface for manage VPNs, you can try early snapshots of PreVPNc - webOS VPN manager

What you need before

  • WebOS 1.4.1 with kernel 2.6.24-palm-joplin-3430
  • Chrooted Debian
  • Some experience with Linux


All comands type in chrooted Debian environment.

  • Install pptp daemon

<source lang="bash"> apt-get install ppp apt-get install pptp-linux </source>

  • Write your client configuration to /etc/ppp/peers/myvpn (I use configuration generated by kvpnc application...)

For example:

<source lang="apache">

  1. name of tunnel, used to select lines in secrets files

remotename myvpn

  1. name of tunnel, used to name /var/run pid file

linkname myvpn

  1. name of tunnel, passed to ip-up scripts

ipparam myvpn

  1. data stream for pppd to use

pty "/usr/sbin/pptp --debug --loglevel 1 --nolaunchpppd"

  1. domain and username, used to select lines in secrets files

name "username"

  1. retrieve DNS from peer


  1. use MPPE encryption

require-mppe nomppe-stateful require-mppe-128

  1. we do not require the peer to authenticate itself


  1. enable debug


  1. we want to see what happen


  1. lock the device


  1. Use BSD compression

bsdcomp 9

  1. Use deflate method

deflate 9

  1. do not replace defaultroute


  1. userdefined MTU

mtu 1492

  1. userdefined MRU

mru 1492

  1. kernel level debug

kdebug 4

  1. refuse EAP

refuse-eap </source>

  • Download and unpack kernel modules and starting script

<source lang="bash"> wget zcat webos-vpnc.tar.gz | tar -xf - </source>

  • Edit your user name, password and vpn route rules in script ./vpnc/

Start VPN

  • Run script...

<source lang="bash"> cd vpnc ./ </source>


Module ppp_mppe (Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption support) is experimental in version 2.6.24!