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Mode Switcher (beta) - Version: 0.9.23
(26 May 2010)

developed by sconix

What is Mode Switcher?

Icon Mode-Switcher.png

Mode Switcher brings profile support to WebOS in the form of 'modes' that cover nearly every available phone setting. These modes can be triggered in my many different ways: placing the phone on a touchstone, time of day, current wifi ssid, GPS location.



- Added support for blink notification settings.

- Added more screen turn off times.

- Added SSID-based WiFi trigger.

- "Fix" for the startup procedure so its not that annoying when MS is restarted on low memory.

- Fix for screen turn off / always on setting not working on certain situations.

Known Issues

- Network toggle (2G/3G/Automatic) only works for GSM phones (not confirmed yet). - Currently, dashboard notification is shown when Luna is not fully loaded yet (when mode with popup is valid on start).