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==== Usage Manual ====
==== Usage Manual ====
*[http://modeswitcher.jupiterns.org Mode Switcher PDF Manual (current to version 0.9.20)]
*[http://modeswitcher.jupiterns.org Mode Switcher Manual (current to version 0.9.35)]

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Mode Switcher (beta) - Version: 0.9.33
(July 26th, 2010)

developed by sconix

What is Mode Switcher?

Icon Mode-Switcher.png

Mode Switcher brings profile support to WebOS in the form of 'modes' that cover nearly every available phone setting. These modes can be triggered in my many different ways: placing the phone on a touchstone, time of day, current wifi ssid, GPS location.

Examples of settings which can be controlled by Mode Switcher include, but are not limited to:

  • WiFi on/off
  • Bluetooth on/off
  • GPS on/off
  • IM Status
  • Ringer on/off/vibrate
  • Ringtone
  • Brightness
  • Wallpaper
  • System Volume
  • Media Volume

How to install Mode Switcher


The following steps will guide you through installing Mode Switcher with Preware.

Currently, Mode Switcher is found in the WebOS-Internals Testing Feeds. Mode Switcher's dependent/required patch, "Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot", is found in the WebOS-Internals Patch feed and is required for Mode Switcher to work. When installing Mode Switcher from Preware, the "Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot" patch will automatically be installed at the same time as Mode Switcher.

There is another patch, "System Menu Mode Menu Patch", that extends Mode Switcher's functionality. This patch is Webos-Internals Patch feed. This patch is not required for Mode Switcher to work.

Due to the Mode Switcher app being in the WebOS-Internals Testing Feeds, please take a few mintues to read over, understand and agree to the WebOS-Internals Testing Feed Rules before continuing.

Installation via Preware

Adding the WebOS-Internals Testing Feeds
  1. Open Preware
  2. From the App Menu, tap Manage Feeds
  3. Scroll past the Installed section until you see the New Feed section
  4. In the Name field, TYPE *what ever name you want to call the feed* (ie. webos-internals-testing)
  5. In the URL field, TYPE http://ipkg.preware.org/feeds/webos-internals/testing/all
  6. The "IS COMPRESSED" option should be set to YES
  7. Tap the Add Feed button
  8. Tap Ok at the Custom Feed alert message
  9. Gesture swipe back to go back to the main Preware screen
  10. Tap the Do It Now button at the alert message to update the package list
Installing Mode Switcher
  1. Tap Available Packages
  2. Tap the Feeds button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap WebOS Internals > Application > System Utilities > Mode Switcherr
  4. Tap the Install button
  5. Tap the Install / Update It button (This will install Mode Switcher and the dependent/required "Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot" patch.)
  6. Tap the Ok button to restart Luna
Installing the System Menu Mode Menu Patch
  1. Open Preware
  2. Tap Available Packages
  3. Tap Patch > Top Bar > System Menu Mode Menu
  4. Tap the Install / Update It button (This will install the "System Menu Mode Menu" patch and the dependent/required "System Menu Initial Framework" patch.)
  5. Tap the Ok button to restart Luna


Official Forum

Usage Manual

Donation to Developer

  • Please see the official PreCentral Forum thread opening post for the donation link.


Current Release

0.9.33 (beta) - (Released July 26th, 2010)

  • Fixing of the MS startup popup bug.
  • Clean up all the extensions.
  • Add request retry for all service request.
  • Add setting group for calendar alert and ringtone.
  • Bring back the govnah support (properly this time).
  • Reduce the amount of needed system request for configuration changes.
  • Show Use Default / Do Not Set as a first option depending on mode type.
  • Fixes to bluetooth profile trigger.
  • New mode menu patch with posibility to start default mode directly and to remove the airplane mode which can now be done through MS if wanted to show up in the menu. Also add support for upcoming submodes. Possibility to open mode edit directly from the menu. Also add a way to select which modes are shown in the menu.
  • Add new blocking options for blocking only modifier/normal modes.
  • Add triggered start mode for MS app configuration.
  • Remove the chaining of modes and add starting of previous active mode to the MS app configuration for advanced usage.
  • Add settings group for screen lock control.
  • More info in modes list (mode type with name).
  • Add support for launch parameter for entering mode editing.
  • Add support for temporary lock mode (disable triggers) from mode menu.
  • Delay option for starting apps.
  • Add notifications when locked setting.
  • Add email sound/ringtone/sync settings.
  • Changed the mode starting in a way that mode is marked done when settings have been applied (before the apps are started).
  • Add a way to set do not set for slider based configs and for wallpaper/ringtone to go back to do not set.
  • Add quick way to set minimum/maximum value for sliders.
  • Introduce new mode type (modifier mode).
  • Orientation option for touchstone charger trigger.
Known Issues
  • Non at this time

Next Release

  • Add fire and forget application support for modifier modes?
  • Get rid of UI jumping when setting some options.
  • Add any/no network option for wifi trigger.
  • Remove debug logging.
  • Fix GPS trigger (latest release broke it).
  • If MS is closed before initial config is saved there might be problems.
  • Maybe after mode lock is removed it should be checked if the mode should be closed?.
  • Add extension version checking.
  • Cleanup code.
  • Make sure that everything works.
  • Fix web launchpoint launching.
  • Fix camera app closing bug.
  • Fix voice roaming setting.
  • Fix the boot procedure.
  • Tweak the launchpoint mode launching support.
  • Check voice roam app not opening on mode close.
  • Add testing for network option support.
  • Fix screen off feature for every situation.
  • See and fix the reason why MS not working on pixi.
  • Fix the bug in ordering modes when multiple modes are valid at the same time .

Future Releases

  • Allow per account settings for email / instant messaging (current version only handles the first account!).
  • Bluetooth device / screen state / calendar triggers / silent switch trigger / headphone trigger / signal strength trigger(?).
  • Fine tune GPS trigger and add map UI for location selection.
  • Script for save/restore application.

Past Releases

0.9.29 (beta)

  • Possible fix for voice roaming configuration.
  • Added connection checks for all network operations.
  • App configuration for MS itself to allow advanced usage.
  • Removed govnah support for now.
  • Fixed WiFi trigger (delay option still untested).
  • Made it possible to leave single settings untouched.
  • Hopefully fixed default mode startup option.
  • Configuration resetting (hopefully for the last time) and fixes..

0.9.25/26/27 (beta)

  • Minor bug fixes.

0.9.24 (beta)

  • Fixed one bug concerning the restart of MS in memory low situation.
  • Added chaining of modes (i.e. now modes closes in the order they were started hence default mode is only started when no earlier modes are valid).

0.9.23 (beta)

  • Support for blink notification setting.
  • Added more screen turn off times.
  • Fix for the startup procedure so its not that annoying when MS is restarted on low memory.
  • WiFi trigger (simple SSID based activation).
  • Fix for screen turn off / always on setting not working on certain situations.