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Lumberjack - 0.1.1 Beta


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Lumberjack is an on-device logging tool. It allows you to view and follow the logs for specific applications from the /var/log/messages file.

Its goal is to make debugging apps without a workstation better and easier.

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How is retrieve different from follow?

  • The app is always logging, retrieve get the entire log since it was last cleared. and follow is just from then on appearing in real-time.
  • Retrieve is just a static once look. unless you the refresh button.

What is DBus Capture?

  • The DBus Capture button is to follow service request in real time. It will show which applications are sending out requests and what the service returns. For example an application will request GPS services, the log will show this request and how the service responds to the request.

How do you write to logs?

  • Mojo.log events to document and debug their apps
  • can also use the javascript alert() function

What's the difference between cleaned and raw log scene formats?

  • Raw log, copies the exact row from the messages file
  • Cleaned log is formatted

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By default the device is at mojo.log.error level. so lumberjack changes LunaSysMgrJS to debug from error when it starts. then back to error when it closes.

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