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Govnah ss1.png

Govnah - In Development


Icon WebOSInternals Govnah.png

An App to do things.


  • Main Scene
    • Title Header (like preware/wirc/etc webos-internals apps)
    • Current Governor (Tap to go to Governor Settings)
    • Misc Stats
      • ...?
      • Graph of CPU temp over time
  • Governor Scene
    • Dropdown to change governor (SelectList)
    • Form of all current settings for selected governor (dynamically generated from information provided by service)
  • App Icon (changes to display indication of CPU temp)

Load Reduction

  • Govnah is saving data to an array which grows over time and sucks down CPU time/memory iterating over the array.
  • Use sqlite db for saving?
  • To reduce disk writes, have a preference option to save to /media/ramdisk if the user is only interested in the current session for pinch zooming - should reduce disk writes and improve performance though data will be lost on boot.
  • Preference setting for frequency of polling.
  • Use fixed array or circular buffer instead, though this will stop pinch scrolling from going back too far (another preference option?)

Governor Settings

  • conservative
    • option - value example or type of widget it should use
  • ondemand
  • powersave
  • userspace
  • performance